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To save their career and their relationship, a daredevil couple journey across the globe to illegally climb the world’s last super skyscraper and perform a life-or-death acrobatic stunt on the spire.  100 min feature doc.

As a lead Producer and Co-Director on this production, spanning years and continents, I helped shape this one of a kind story that leaves the audiences worldwide breathless.

World Premiere at Sundance 2024 in US Doc Competition section.


Trevor Noah takes a unique look at the world through its most popular game. More than any other sport, soccer functions as a mirror to society. Sometimes that shows us the best of ourselves, other times, the very worst. Across five episodes, Noah uncovers stories from the USA, Brazil, France, Qatar and the UK, looking at players and coaches fighting against the status quo and ultimately posing the critical question: if we can reform soccer, can we reform the societies it reflects?

As the lead producer on the Episode 1: Brazil, I developed the episode structure; found the subjects in Brazil, field produced o location and story produced this flagship episode in post. 

HEIST | Netflix

This series dives into the stories behind three major real-life heists in the recent US history.  Introduced in a captivating and cinematic format, the films present these cases both from the perspective of those convicted and the law enforcement - as told by the participants on both sides in their own voices.  The series trailer gained over 1 million views on YouTube the first day of its release.

As the lead producer on the Bourbon King story, I helped develop the story and ensure participation by the vast array of participants, witnesses, investigators and opinion makers in Frankfort, Kentucky to help bring the intricate story of "Pappygate" to life.   

We Are The Champions | Netflix

A brilliant example of the quirky competition documentary genre, We Are The Champions travels around the world in 6 episodes to profile the most unique, inspired and unforgettable competitions and the humans behind them.  Win or loss, human or animal, everyone in this series is an unforgettable hero.

I helped develop, field produce and edit 3 out of 6 episodes, spanning from the elite chili eating competition in South Carolina to the story of the determined Russian dog dancing team traveling to the European championship to battle for the gold.

*Nominated for a Sports Emmy in 2 categories in 2021.

Religion of Sports | DIRECTV Audience Network

This series with Tom Brady, Michael Strahan and Gotham Chopra as Executive Producers focuses on extraordinary sports stories from around the world.  Every episode is a stand-alone documentary film delving deep into lives of players, coaches, fans and families of athletes.

I have served as a development producer for Seasons 2 and 3, and as a lead producer on episodes on rugby in New Zealand, basketball in rural Alaska and american football along the US-Mexican border.


Trailers for all episodes available here.



Why We Fight | ESPN+

This digital series on ESPN+ with Ronda Rousey as an Executive Producer follows world-class athletes in search of understanding what motivates them to be in combat sports.

I served as a development producer for Seasons 1 and 2, helping shape the stories on kickboxing in Holland, the world of kun khmer boxing in Cambodia, including child prize fighters; traditional wrestling in Mongolia, and the world of youth female wrestling in the USA.

More information and select episodes available on ESPN+.

*Both seasons were nominated for Sports Emmy.

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